Alli and Squeaky

This is our dog Alli. She's a wired hair fox terrier.

This is our mouse Squeaky. The pet store claims he is a "fancy" mouse.

At first, our dog and mouse were unaware of each other.

Then, one day, Alli figured out that there was a tiny furry creature in there.

And all of a sudden, Alli became very interested in Squeaky.

Alli loves Squeaky now.

I mean, Alli really loves Squeaky.

I don't think Squeaky quite feels the same way about it.


  1. Haha. Alli just wants to play.

    I hope Alli never finds a way to get squeaky's car open, that could be very bad.

  2. Hi there! I read your comment on my blog post about my girls pretending to be "pregnant". Abby actually did "nurse" her baby dolls when she was 2 as well :) It was right after Lucy was born and Abby got up on the couch one day and put my Boppy pillow around her middle and lifted her shirt up and held her baby doll to her chest. I was floored! I'm just glad my son (who was 2 when Abby was born) stuck to bottle feeding his stuffed Elmo!!!

  3. Poor Squeaker is going to have a heart attack! LOL!


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