Hey, if you have a minute....

Please, please vote for me!!
Pixel Perfect Photo Contest

For the first time, one of my photos was chosen as a finalist in a photography contest!! I am so beyond excited!!! Since the majority of my pictures that I take are of my kids, I think I'm a little biased on my opinion about them :) Its nice to know that someone else thinks my kids are cute, too!

Anyway, my blogging friend Monica let me know today that one of my submissions made it to the finals!

If you get a minute, can you go check it out? THANKS!!!

Off to go skip around my living room now....

Be back later with TONS of pictures of Thanksgiving in Atlanta!


  1. I voted Chica! I love little boys!

  2. I love your BLOG header. You have the cutest ones. Mine too over 3 hours to make in photoshop......

    Maybe I can find some cute one's like yours. Love the photo, where were you at?

  3. I voted! And if I could vote more than once I sooo would!

    And I agree, very cute header! haha.

    I think next time I will have to make it longer for you as your header space is quite long compared to mine ;)

  4. Thanks so much for the comment! I didn't realize that one of the Pixel Perfect finalists photos was yours. Yay for SC, we finally have some talent!!

  5. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Darn, I missed the cutoff for voting. Very nice picture!


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