What... there are snakes in here??

Lo and behold, my daughter actually finished all her homework and piano practicing without complaint and in a timely manner. That meant we could head to the park 5 minutes from our house before it got cold and dark. The kids happily played with some friends from MOMS Club that just happened to be there for over an hour. Once the sun started setting, the temperature really dropped so we packed up to head home. We were just pulling out of the parking lot when Jaina remembered something I had said earlier.

"Mom, you never let us go over to that field over there. You always say we can 'next time', so when is it 'next time'?"


I said, "Okay, whatever. Its freezing, though. We'll just run quickly down and back and then be done."

The kids happily agreed, so I pulled my car over to the side and turned on my hazard lights, hoping that no one leaving or coming into the park would hit my car.

(I know this one is blurry since my camera focused on the grass instead of Jayce, but I just LOVE his expression )

I warned them that the grass could be itchy...

I reminded them about how cold it was outside...

I don't think they cared one bit.

Until I said....

"I hope you guys don't step on a snake."

"WHAT?? There are snakes in here????"

And then they were done :)


  1. Those photos are priceless! Definitely magazine ad quality. I love the sepia ones with the sunset. Well done, Jess! Can I arrange for a photoshoot sometime? :)

  2. Monica10:32 PM

    That was a creative way to convince the kids to head home for the night :-)

  3. I'll have to remember the snake comment to get the kids moving faster next time! ;-)

    Great pictures by the way!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! It's amazing the "lies" we make up to get our kids to do things. :o)

  5. Beautiful photos! I love the Sepia treatment and lighting. I love that field!!!!!!!

  6. Beautiful! I love how Jayce can hide without crouching down. I really love that Jaina called you out and obliged. IMMD

  7. and *you obliged (oops)

  8. Beautiful pictures! I love the 4th one with the sun glare. They looked like they were having so much fun despite the cold...and snakes, lol.

  9. Amazing photos, Jess!


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