International Choir: Christmas program

At my daughter's elementary school, each grade gets its own night to really shine. Instead of having grades 4K through 4th grade come together to do a single program, each grade gets their own program at different times of the year. When Jaina was in Kindergarten, her class sang for Valentine's Day. Last year in 1st grade, she performed in their Fall Musical "ABC 123". I don't know yet what is in store for 2nd grade, but it must be coming after the holidays sometime.

For Christmas, it was 4th grade's turn to perform. Since it was also the night of the big Christmas parade downtown, our family was not planning on attending. Until Jaina came home and said, "MOM! We have to go tonight. I'm singing in the International Choir!" Uh... really? Where did that sheet go again? The one with all the schedules and dates and times of all the performances for the year?

I honestly have no idea. Thank goodness Jaina paid attention in school and figured out where she needed to be!

And what did Jayce do? Well, his behavior left a lot to be desired. I *know* he cannot handle crowds like this. I *know* he is not capable of sitting and being quiet. Yet, we keep trying. Because one day he will be able to do these things and you never know when it will happen. It certainly wasn't tonight.

He had us alternately threatening consequences and laughing hysterically. He passed gas at one point, loudly, enough to attract the attention of several students, who started giggling. He was very encouraged by this reaction and therefore felt the need to force some more air out of his bum. He had the whole international choir laughing by this point because we were sitting right behind them.

Jayce also took this opportunity to tell his daddy about his bus driver's new bus at school. "It was a short bus! I love riding the short bus!" That, too, caused a few giggles from the crowd.

We ended the evening with Jayce trying to crawl up under my shirt so he could "be a baby again" and essentially feeling me up in front of an entire cafeteria of 4th grade parents. It was lovely. Let's do this again some time!


  1. Jessie this is too funny. I don't know too many children that can sit quietly and be still during school plays or events. I am sure you handled it with your calm way as you do everything. I do have to say reading this did make me laugh. I know at the moment your were probably embarrassed, but it seems like it's right out of one of those classic Christmas movies.

    Justin still does the "feeling me up" moments too .

  2. LOL! Sounds like a normal family outing to me... :o)

  3. Very cute story that brought back lots of memories for me! Sounds like you handled it well, good for you.


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