Christmas Day

Christmas morning soon arrived and the kids woke up excitedly at 5:45 AM. I had given Jaina strict instructions not to come into our room until the clock in Jayce's room said "6" on it. She came in anyway, defending her decision by telling us how she could not contain her excitement. Well, that excitement rubbed off and we all got up to open presents. I did not take a single picture during this time. Instead, I took video to add to our Walker family Volume 6 VHS tape.

Jaina received 3 presents from Santa:
-Hello Kitty Gumball Machine/Water dispenser
-Zhu Zhu pets and fun house
-a stuffed dog you can dress up

Jayce received 3 presents from Santa as well:
-Imaginext BatCave
-Hotwheels track
-Black and Decker tool set

They all loved their gifts!! Jaina also got an UGLY doll in her stocking whereas Jayce got a Mr. Bump (we couldn't find Mr. Rude anywhere, and he's Jayce's favorite!) stuffed animal.

Oh, and they also received Nintendo DSi portable gaming systems from Mom and Dad. We hid those until the very very end because we knew once they opened them, they would be too excited to play with those to open anything else.

The surprise gift for the whole family came from Uncle David down in Florida. He sent all his nieces and nephews dinosaur robots to play with. Uncle Jeff helped us figure him out.

Jayce received another dinosaur as a Christmas gift, this one from Grandpa Robert and Grandma Cathy. We introduced Spike Jr. to the robot dinosaur. They pretty much just clomped around the living room together.

Jeff and Jayce took turns feeding the dinosaur the leaf.

Jaina tired quickly of the dinosaur and went back to her DS.

But she was soon interrupted by a dinosaur that wanted to play!

One electronic was put down for a few minutes while another was picked up. Dad and Kim got Jayce this cool Leap Frog game.

Daddy, Jaina, and Jayce sure did have fun playing with the Batcave. And Uncle Jeff brought the batcopter for Jayce's gift. Although Jayce says its a "Robin copter" because he doesn't let Batman ride in it ever.

And of course we had to do the obligatory posed family shots before Jeff got on the road. This is without flash.

And with flash.

After all that excitement, Alli decided to take a nap.

And what did they do today? Well, the sun finally came out and warmed up our area to a pleasant 50+ degree temperature. So the kids abandoned their electronics for the good old fashioned out doors. They did, however, bring a slinky with them.


  1. Aww for the good old fashioned out doors. Priceless.

    Once my boys got their XBOX game, that was it for the day....

    Looks like you had a beautiful day. I feel bad, Jeremy wasn't in any of the photos. He slept until 3pm.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Yeah! Talon and Colby were a lot of fun this year.


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