Happy Birthday to me (And Merry Christmas, too!)

I turned 31 on November 28th, just a few days after Thanksgiving. :)

Oh, there were so many things that I wanted for my birthday. New clothes. A Cricut (scrapbooking die cut machine). A wide plate CHI hair straightener (mine broke when I dropped it a few weeks ago). Jason Mraz's new live CD. New silver earrings (never did find the one I lost in Kansas last summer).

But I also wanted this lens. Now, I am no professional photographer. But maybe I'll be inspired to be one some day :) Or maybe I just caught the "lens bug" that so many hobby photographers come down with soon after upgrading their camera. Yeah, a good camera body is great, but its the lenses that really make a difference :)

Now, Brian and I have very different philosophies about money. I say that if we have the money, why not spend it? He says that if we have the money, we need to not spend it, so we have money in the future. Which is why we both drive used Hondas from 1995, live in a 3 bedroom house, and don't have a swimming pool or a Rainbow Play System for the kids (We WILL get one of these some day!) My husband never walks into Best Buy and says, "I think I need a new computer today." Even though he totally *could* justify a big purchase like that because his home computer really is outdated and slow and he probably works 20+ hours a week or more on his home computer.

I can't even justify spending money on my photography hobby when its just a hobby. But deep down my husband really wants me to be happy and I think he enjoys my photography hobby MUCH more than my scrapbooking hobby (for one, its a lot less messy!), so he ordered my 85mm lens for me for my birthday. And Christmas present.

So, happy birthday to me! And Merry Christmas! I promise not to be upset on Christmas morning when my stocking is bare. (Its normally Brian's job to fill it with CF cards, Kodak film, bath stuff, and candy.) I'll be too busy taking pictures with my new lens.

I haven't really had a chance to shoot with it much. Its been too cold for my blood to get outside and run around with the kids. And I'm definitely not great at shooting indoors with it. Every time I turn around, I automatically reach for my 50mm because I just love that lens. I need to make friends with my 85mm so it can get some use, too. Here's a couple of shots from the afternoon that I got my lens:

(eek, overexposed!)

(much better!)

(definitely didn't catch a very natural expression here!)
Jayce was not a willing model.


  1. Big birthday wishes! Hope you had a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday again. I love spending money too while Jimmy likes to save. I am able to talk him into some things though. I hope the Christmas party was alright. I know it was kindof boring, but I'm glad you came.

  3. That is one sweet lens. I love my 50 mm but constantly dream of an 85 mm. I can't wait to see the pics you post with that lens- I've heard it takes great shots.

  4. I love the over exposed photo, it's very artistic. What a great lens! For me to have a true 85mm lens on my D200 because of the crop factor on the sensor I would have to get a 60mm lens, it would be equivalent to a 90mm lens, perfect for portraits. The lens is $530, Nikon lenses are so much more expensive than Canon, it really sucks.

    If I got a 85mm lens it would be equivalent to a 125mm lens on my D200. I would håve to get the d700 with a full sensor for me to have true lens capability. Make sense? Do you have a crop factor on your sensor?

    I think you have a gem on your hand, especially for that price.

    Jeremy tried hard to build up my camera gear, but it's been since 2007 since he has been able to buy anything for me. I am grateful the 50 mm 1.8 I bought was only $127 or so dollars, on my credit card :(

  5. To be honest, I actually really like the overexposed shot! It really makes her eyes pop.

  6. Your birthday is the day after mine :) Glad you got what you wanted! Happy Bday (late) and Merry Christmas (early) tee hee

  7. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Happy Belated Birthday!!


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