A South Carolina Snow

Guess what my kids are doing right this second?

(Well, actually, they just came in and got melted snow all over my hardwood floor and are now warming up in a hot bath)

Okay, so guess what they were doing 5 minutes ago??? :)

Just so you know, this is practically unheard of for my area at this time of year.

It normally only snows in the end of January, or February or even March.

And by "snow", I mean freezing rain that no Northerner would ever call real snow.

And the real fun of it is that the entire town shuts down when we get even 1 inch of the stuff!

Because none of us Southerners know how to drive in the stuff!

I love snow days :)


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    My guys will be out in it tomorrow.
    I have a Picture of Willy sitting in the sled with melted snow in Jan. This is from when he was about Jayce's age. He loves the outside doesn't matter snow, rain or sun. Enjoy the snow. We are to get about 6 inches from this storm. Christmas shopping will be dashing through the snow.

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Glad you guys are enjoying it!!

  3. At least you are getting something that resembles snow, we are getting little ice pellets which will then freeze on the roads tonight. Not looking forward to tomorrow. I so prefer snow to ice.

  4. Snow? Look at my blog to see REAL snow! ;o) Looks like they had fun!

  5. This is what jealousy looks like :)

  6. That must have been lots of fun for the kids!

  7. I'm sooooo jealous! Hope you enjoyed it :)

  8. Aww, your puppy pictures made me tear up a little. We just had to put our second Wire Hair, Pixie, to sleep yesterday. They are SO the sweetest dogs!


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