Thanksgiving Marathon post

I envy the blogger that can spend an entire day shooting photos and experiencing life with their children and then come home and immediately download the images from their camera, edit them, and then upload them onto their blog before their kids are even in bed for the night. That is certainly not me!

Hence, here is the Thanksgiving post, just one week after the holiday.

When we first arrived in Tucker, the kids hightailed it through the house and out the back door. My dad's yard is filled with big rocks and little gardens, a fun dog, and a cool horsey tire swing. The weather was just beautiful for the majority of our trip and I was glad to see the kids play outside so much.

Grandma Kim and the kids practiced their Frisbee moves with Jo-Jo the dog.

We tried to get Jayce into watching the movie "Cars" which is Grandpa Lee's favorite movie.

The table was set early and the kids decided to color turkeys for each place setting. Jayce loved printing the turkeys while Jaina was all about the coloring.

The kids were so ready for Thanksgiving dinner that they sat in their spots for an hour or two before we were even ready!

After dinner, the kids headed out for more outside time again!

Aunt Jami showed the kids how to use photoshop. I was the one that needed the lesson!

After dinner, we all just sat around visiting with our guests. Jayce decided to be a St. Louis Cardinals fan.

It was fun having a little one as a guest for dinner:

Jayce practiced his golf putting:

He absolutely loved playing guitar:

Jaina was content to color on a box.

The next day, we went to visit Aunt Jami at the vet's office she works for:

Jayce was not impressed.

Jaina wanted to take home every dog and cat she saw:

This is my sister's adopted dog, Buddy:

Then we got to have lunch on Friday with some very special people :) See this little girl? She was born on my birthday the day I turned 17. See her big brother up there? Yeah, he was two when I started babysitting for him. Their mother is like a mother to me as well :) Its funny that now her kids could babysit for mine!

And we went back outside to play some more:


  1. I believe that those bloggers that can take photos, edit them and upload and talk about them the same day, lie. They take all the photos in one day and spread them out over a week and say they took them daily.... LOL, or they don't really have any kids at all!

    I haven't even done Justin's birthday photos, nope, not one. He didnt' like the cake I made so I kinda of lost the moment of the cake and the blowing of the candles.... I hope to take some before Christmas.

    Looks like Kim did a great layout, very nice. I love your Dad's house, it's always such and adventure as well as a warm and loving home. I would do anything to have a normal family like that, well, my sister Kelly is normal like that, but she went out of town for Thanksgiving, that's why my Thanksgiving was so BORING!

    Beautiful photos.

  2. Yeah, that's why I try to write most of my posts on the weekend...because trying to do them during the day is impossible!

    Great pictures by the way!

    Thanks for stopping by today!

  3. As usual great pics!

    I don't even have kids and I still take days to upload and blog about things.

    By the way you won a giveaway on my blog. Just need you addy and I'll send it right out!


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