I Heart Faces: Hilarious Outtakes

Its Monday, so its time for another entry into the "I Heart Faces" weekly photo challenge. This week's theme is sure to make you giggle. Thank goodness photographers take tons of shots, right? Because you have to have something good to keep in your scrapbook. And then these are the shots you save to embarrass your children with later.

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I think an appropriate caption to this photo would read, "Its Christmas and all I got were pajamas?" Honestly, I have no idea what she was thinking. She knows that we only open Christmas PJ's on the night before Christmas. She actually DID like her nightgown this year, too. I have no idea where this expression came from.

Don't let the smiling fool you... Jayce is actually getting ready to hit Jaina square in the face in this photo. Jaina soon stopped smiling and I had to go get Jayce off of her.

This is what I get when I tell Jayce I'm about to take his picture. Its his version of saying "cheese".

I just wanted a nice picture of Jaina enjoying the refreshments after her piano recital. I got this instead:

This was Jayce's reaction to "We have to leave the museum in 5 minutes!"

Thanks for looking and come back next Monday for more contest entries :)


  1. Ahh, I know that expression in your last photo so well. "But, Mom......!" :)

  2. heehee...love the 'say cheese' pic!

  3. Cute outtakes and cute blog, now following you too:)

  4. all think all those capture kids in their true form! so funny!

  5. I love capturing our kids being themselves! You did a great job :)

    Blessings and Happy New Year!

  6. These were terrific!

  7. I love the cheese picture! It's amazing what kind of faces little boys can come up with!

  8. Your pictures are beautiful! : ) LOVE the eating one : ) and also the balls in hands! Do you guys have a Children's museum? I wish we had one closer. We love Please Touch in the city but it just takes SO long to get there! Hope you have a happy new year!

  9. I LOVE your pictures! I know all too well about the various expressions you get when trying to capture your kids. I never get a good smile when trying to capture my daughter. Swing by and look at my post: http://www.arizonamamma.com/2009/12/christmas-bits-and-crapload-of-pictures.html

    to see what I mean. Enjoyed my first visit here. Will be back ;)

  10. Love the first photo. We get to open PJs on Christmas Eve too!

  11. the recital picture is priceless! so fun!


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