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I belong to this wonderful close-knit group of women online at APU and they are always coming up with cool ways for us to get to know each other better. We have "Swap from the Heart" sign-ups which pairs no-longer-needed items with new grateful owners. We have a Holiday Card list and a gift exchange once a year. We also throw boxed babyshowers and surprises. And an un-expecting mom that is having a rough time may just find a group giftcard in the mail one day.

Every once in a while, we post "A Day In The Life Of" threads where we all lug our cameras around with us for an entire day and chronicle our lives with pictures. Since we are all moms, some of our pictures just include feeding kids and doing dishes, but no matter how trivial our days seem to ourselves, they are a huge glimpse into our vast life for others to enjoy.

Here's ours from Saturday:


  1. I love the "day in the life" idea...that's really neat. Of course...most of my day would be my Milliken cubicle. :( Although it would be neat to do a weekend!

    Love the pics from Michael's Saturday. I hate we missed it...but looks like fun was had by all! ;)


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