Yes, we sent our child to a local church's production of Vacation Bible School. I didn't exactly have my husband's permission, but since when have I ever asked for it??? :)

Most everyone that reads my blog knows me fairly well. Or knows my husband well. To me, religion is a very personal relationship between you and a higher being. To my husband, its the closest thing you get to a four-letter word in our house. And I will never try to change that. I respect my husband's beliefs as much as I respect my LDS parents' beliefs or my Baptist neighbors' beliefs.

However, here is where Brian and I differ. What do we do about our children's beliefs? I, for one, believe that exposing them to many different organized religions and ways of thinking can be very beneficial(as long as they are open-minded philosophies and our children don't come home telling us that Grandma is going to burn in hell for all eternity because she likes to listen to rock n' roll in her truck). However, Brian would be happy sheltering them from all forms of organized religion. That just does not make sense to me. We live in the Bible Belt, for goodness sake! Religion is not something you can escape here, not with business advertising with the christian fish everywhere you turn.

At any rate, Jaina has been the one to decide what exposure she gets to religion, which I think is very fitting. After all, we are talking about *her* faith, not ours.

She loves to attend 3 hour long Sacrament meeting and Primary every time we go and visit my parent's home. She loved learning sing-song prayers to be said before dinner at her pre-school. She loves the child's soft cover Bible her Grandma Cathy gave her one year. And she looks forward to attending "that church college" (aka, Bible School ) every year at her friends' church downtown.

The theme this year was "Surfing through the Scriptures" although I am not sure Jaina even learned one scripture the whole week! But she did enjoy making crafts, singing songs, and playing games with all the new friends she made.

And Daddy even came to the program with us :)


  1. That's great, I have the same belief's as you and I get the same response from Jeremy as you do Brian *four letter descriptions*. The children will guide their own way into what direction they want to go, as long as they are given the resources to make the decisions on their own. Joshua attended a Baptist preschool for 4 years and it taught him a lot and he loved it.

    I think it super that she went to a "summer bible school". I have the fondest memories from Bible school myself.


  2. Oops, I made a mistake. It was 3 years Joshua went to a Baptist preschool.

  3. Are they doing the "tootie-tot" song?


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