First Loose Tooth

You just don't know how long Jaina has been waiting for this moment!!! All of her friends have already lost at least one tooth (either naturally or by jumping off of a couch into a side table, OUCH!) and she really was beginning to feel left out. Both Brian and I were 6 years old by the time our first tooth fell out, so we told her it would happen for her soon, too.

Now, I LOVE our pediatric dentist, Dr. Mark, but I could have kicked him in the shins when he told Jaina a year ago that her big teeth were all in place and because her 6 year molars were already in, it would be "any day now" when she'd have her first loose tooth. What was he thinking?? You don't tell kids something like that? She woke up every day for a week or two feeling her teeth to see if they were wiggling.

Well... last Friday morning, she came to me and said, "Mommy... there's this sharp thing behind my teeth. Is it another tooth?"

Sure enough, it was. Her adult bottom front teeth were poking up through the gum surface *behind* the baby teeth. Brian pulled me aside and sheepishly said, "Whoops... I'm sorry. It looks like she got my teeth after all. I hope she doesn't have to have them pulled like my brother." It turns out that Brian's family has a history of misalignment. Us Staska's are no better, with our big beaver-like front teeth and huge gaps. We just know to start saving for Jaina's orthodontic work early :)

Two hours later, she tells me her baby tooth is wiggly. It was, slightly. But not enough to really bother with. I told her it would be a few days, maybe a week and to just leave it alone. But leave it alone, she did not. She wiggled that thing all day long.

Then Gray came to pick her up. The tooth really wasn't that loose at all. I did not think it would come out before bedtime. But just in case, I took pictures :)

Jaina called me 1.5 hours later. It was out, after eating a hamburger from Burger King.

My mom looked high and low for the special tooth fairy pillow she hand made and hand painted for me when I was little. She swore it was in her pile of mending, but could not find it. So, Jaina put together her own pillow that my mom stayed up until 11:30 that night finishing it!

I have to admit that I was a little sad that I didn't get to play "tooth fairy" for my baby's first tooth. Oh well... I'll get the other 19, right?

And here's a neat website about teeth: All About Teeth



The Tooth Fairy was kind enough to let Mommy keep the tooth :)


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    i'm so glad to fairy let mommy keep the tooth! ;) lily swallowed her first! i was so sad!

  2. Awww! She looks so proud!

  3. What a precious set of pictures!

  4. congrats!
    (to jaina and to mama)

  5. Great pictures! She is so sweet. Congratulations Jaina!

  6. It seems right as they turn six, their teeth start to come out. Joshua lost two teeth the week of his 6th birthday and the day before school started! I just love kids. I like how you documented it the pictures. Great job.


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