The week in review...

Monday: We had a fun playdate with our former neighbors, aka, Jaina's best friend in the whole world. They had a tea party with lemonade and homemade chocolate chip cookies. I took pictures, but I'm lazy and haven't uploaded them yet. I also tried making a braided sandwich ring for the first time. It tasted good, but looked horrible. Bread dough is NOT as easy to mold as I had thought.

Tuesday: Carowinds. See below post.

Wednesday: I'm blanking on our day. Did aliens come and steal me for the day or what? I remember that Brian didn't come home for dinner due to helping a friend load a moving truck, but the rest of the day is a complete blur. I must be getting old.

Thursday: We had an awesome day! We took Alli to the groomer, then headed to Storytime at the library downtown. We've avoided storytime for the last year because its been so stressful with Jayce. This time, he sat through the entire storytime! What a change! And we looked at books on the reading train for a whole hour afterwards! Then we met our friends Angie and Virginia and invited them back to our house for lunch and a playdate. While they were there, Jayce's EI came and he had the best visit ever with her (funny how it was our last one with this particular EI!).

Friday: Today I took the kids to the waterpark in a neighboring town. Even Jayce :) I did call my dear friend Monica to come as a reinforcement. And thank goodness I did! She was able to entertain Jaina at the water park while I followed Jayce around for over 2 hours. He had some rough patches where he was scared of everyone with their big blue floats on the lazy river, but for the most part, he had a good time. Then we drove to a local park to have a picnic lunch. It was a fun, but tiring, day :) I committed a cardinal sin and FORGOT MY CAMERA AT HOME! What on earth was I thinking?


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