Kindergarten Graduation

The ceremony started out with the class singing and dancing to a song in both Japanese and English. Its their favorite, hands down!

The class sings a song they learned when the teachers from Japan visited their classroom.

Jaina and her friend in the middle of the song they performed for us :)

Eek. You just never know when or where Jayce will start screaming. And he wasn't upset by any means. Just squealing and doing his high-pitched "lets see how loud I can be" scream while Jaina's Kindergarten teacher was in the middle of a sweet speech that brought her to tears. I quickly grabbed Jayce's stop sign as a visual reminder to stop making noise. It works almost immediately and for a while. But after a few minutes, it wears off and he tells me "all gone stop" and then proceeds to be extremely loud again!

Gray keeps Jayce from screaming with soda. Yeah, not exactly ideal, but sometimes you just gotta do what works!!

Brian got a coveted seat in the audience while I hung out on the sidelines with Jayce.

Jayce joined in on the applause after each child's name was called.

Jaina's teacher complimented her on how well she's done adapting to her new school this year while giving Jaina her "diploma" and present.

It was very hard to get Jaina to stand still long enough for this photo op!

Gray came to see the ceremony, too :)


  1. Aw...Congrats to Jaina...I know you and Brian are so proud of her!

    Thank you too for reassuring me about the mat napping! You're soon as they start walking...up they go! Hopefully he'll do ok. It's just a change...and I know you know, with change comes uncertainty. A week from now...we'll be in the groove again I am sure!

  2. Congratulations Jaina!
    You must be so proud Jess and Brian.

  3. Congrats to Jain! A great life time event everyone will remember for years to come. What a great school that they recognize Kindergarten graduation and what a nice memory for all :)

  4. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Joseph does the same screaming thing. The last time - my husband and Joseph were picking Isabel and I up from a baby shower. was like - get me out of here!!!


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