Music on Main

Our small little town has a cool little music festival that goes on every Thursday night downtown. We've attended sporadically over the past few years. When Jayce was a baby, it was easier to keep him in one spot.

Jayce was mesmerized by the music and didn't even seem to notice the crowds. He announced "guitars! drums!" when he saw them.

Just a cute pic of Jaina:

"D" is for DRUMS! Yeah, D is for drums!" That's what Jayce was singing, while beating a drum beat on his stroller bar. Thanks, TMBG's Here come the ABC's :)

The band was pretty good, if you like classic rock (which I tolerate, but do not love). They sang some Rolling Stones and some songs that they wrote themselves. They kept promoting their self-produced CD for "only $10!" and I giggled when I heard a kid beside me say, "Dad! Can I buy it! I have a $1!"

This is what Jaina thought of their music, though! Actually, we were sitting right by the speakers and it was LOUD! Jayce really liked the loud music.

The whole purpose of us going to Music on Main was to visit daddy at "work" where he was volunteering with the Young Professionals group. My husband volunteering, you say? Yeah, he got to serve beer to 20-something music lovers. I wouldn't exactly call it hard work :)

Looking cool in shades:

Silly 6 year old? Or runway model in the making? Either way, this girl knows how to pose! Work it, Jaina!


  1. We have music in the park every Thursday in my town too :) Looks like you guys have fun!


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