For the love of all things Karaoke

We call him "Mini Brian" for a reason, you know!

For those who know my husband well, you realize his love affair with cheesy Karaoke music is still going strong. Now, karaoke might not be the "in" thing that it was in the 1990's decade, but that doesn't matter to Brian. To him, its just not a real party unless there is some karaoke singing going on. For a while there, he even had his own machine and cds. I convinced him to get rid of it since we never host these said parties, and he agreed that it took up too much space (not to mention that it was a present from the ex-girlfriend so I was not sad to see it go). He now resolves himself to singing at parties, trivia, and "Decades" (a new club in town). His favorite songs are "Just a gigolo" by David Lee Roth and "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond. Brian's actually not 1/2 bad. I mean, he's not going to be winning American Idol by any means, but he can carry a tune and his enthusiasm can't be beat.

It seems as though Jayce is taking in his father's footsteps. Our VSMILE gaming system comes equipped with a microphone and sing-alongs. Jayce's current favorite is the "Alphabet song" but he also likes "Hola, I'm Diego". I'll be sure to post video when I get around to uploading it!


  1. Very sweet, we need to see a video!!

  2. that is sooo cute...

    and a side spouse sings "lounge lizard" style at the top of his lungs...i'm so glad to hear someone else with a spouse with a singing "thing".... :)


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