Yes, I changed my blog AGAIN!

I read a lot of blogs. The few I have listed on my sidebar right this minute are only a handful. And everytime I read someone else's blog, I think "Wow, I like their template. It really suits them." And then I hesitate every month when changing my blog template (because I like change!) because I don't want to "copy" someone's. So, the orange I was using bothered me because I feel like its already Laurel's blog's template. I know, I know.... I am sure she does not mind at all. Its just the weirdness I have myself.

So, I am going outside the box for a moment and using a non-blogger template. I am sure there is a way to edit HTML and get rid of the "get your free templates at" but I am just not a gifted programmer. I'm afraid if I edit anything, I'll just accidentally make the whole thing go away.

I'm done rambling. I'm going to bed :)


  1. i like this one! it's fun and fresh.

  2. I love the new template. (I must admit the orange one is Laurel's in my mind too) I keep changing mine, but won't commit to it and revert back to the original. I did change some colours around tonight which makes me feel a little better. I do like the new blog listing that I noticed you added too :)

  3. That is so funny! I swear, I'm very good at sharing LOL I like seeing your template change, I never considered that I *could* change mine, I guess I really am stuck in my ways. Marc would insert some sort of crack about me being an old woman here!

  4. LOL! I knew you'd be a good sport about it Laurel :)

  5. i LOVE the blogroll you have on the side...up to the minute on postings. woo-hoo!

  6. Oh! I just got my answer. Don't know how I missed this. Sleep still remains elusive. That probably explains a thing or two.

    You're still a super woman even if you're not into HTML code.


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