Dodi's Pool

Our friend Dodi (and her new boyfriend Vince) were kind enough to invite us to her neighborhood pool last weekend :) We had a great time! This was Jayce's 3rd or 4th pool experience of the summer so he had already gotten over his initial fear of the water.

It was sooo crowded. Maybe the 100 degree temps had something to do with it? At any rate, the water felt so good. The concrete pavement did not, though.

Not only did Jayce get over his initial fear of the water, but he decided to have NO FEAR when it came to jumping in off the stairs, with or without Mommy and Daddy there to catch him. Both Brian and I fell for his "Bye-bye Mommy" and "Bye-bye Daddy" which we thought meant, "I don't want to play jump in and catch me right now. I'm getting out" which really meant, "I'm going to jump in and do it myself and I don't want you to catch me." He went under 3 times, but it didn't phase him one bit.

Jaina is getting over her fear of swimming lessons. For the first time ever, she has requested some swimming instruction because she is tired of wearing her arm floaties and staying in the shallow end. Unfortunately, you can't find a place that isn't completely booked for swim lessons around here by the time summer actually starts. She'll probably have to wait until next year.

Just a few days after going to Dodi's pool, we went back to the SAME pool in the same neighborhood, but this time it was with our MOMS Club. 4 moms from MOMS Club have access to that pool as well as one member of book club. The pool was much less crowded with our group, even though we had a great turnout. The kids were wonderful. I put a life jacket on Jayce this time and he tolerated it well.


  1. These pics are great! =) I especially like the one where Jayce is splashing Brian!

  2. That's great, maybe you can have a lot more excursions to Dodi's pool for the summer. I love the pool, it's such great exercise and sun therapy (of course with sunblock, hat, sun-shirt etc,)

    Your brave bringing your camera, I guess it's better than bringing it to the beach, no sand to contend with.

    Nice happy pictures. Now, you need to be in some of them.

  3. That's great that he has no fear of the water!! That is how my kids have been.


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