Raindrops keep falling on her head...

Over the years, I've taken a ton of pictures of Jaina playing in the rain. She absolutely loves it! Especially when our dear friends and neighbors gave Jaina a cool Tinkerbell umbrella for her 4th birthday. Unfortunately, the umbrella was broken accidentally within a year. So when Monica called to ask Jaina what the perfect birthday present would be for her 6th birthday, the answer was an enthusiastic "UMBRELLA!"

Monica found a beautiful Tinkerbell replacement for us. And as luck would have it, it actually rained the day of Jaina's party. But not for long. And it hasn't really rained during the day since. The day we took these pictures it was barely sprinkling and it lasted all of 5 minutes.

I guess technically we could be using the umbrella for shade! Temps are in the high 90's and creeping past the 100 mark for another record breaking day. We can hope the end is in sight when we see the temperature cool down to a "cold" 85 degrees by the end of the week! WOW, that's practically a cold front :)


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