The Fountain

We have this really cool interactive water fountain downtown. Its right across the street from where my mom works, so that's an added bonus. School has only been out a week and we've already been here 3 times!!! Its free and its been murderously hot, so why not? One of the lifeguards is a friend of mine from college, so that's pretty cool as well.

The first time we went this summer, Jayce freaked out. By the end, he was sticking his big toe in the water for 2 seconds before running away. Now, the third time at the fountain? Its his old friend.

Jayce tentatively touching the water:

The water caught her by surprise!


My Jaina girl:

She wouldn't stand still long enough for me to snap a picture of her! Finally I asked her to sit down for a second so I could get a picture of her without getting my camera soaking wet!

Jaina is not like her mommy at all. She'll jump right into freezing cold water without a second thought!

A rare picture of Jaina and Jayce together:

Jaina had to bring her new dog "Frenchie" with us to "watch" at the fountain. She made friends with a little girl while we were there. They didn't stay in the water long, but instead got dressed and ran around the park area playing pretend.

By the end, Jayce finally gets wet enough to take his shirt off and put a swim diaper on.

Then Jayce discovered the big field at the park behind the fountain and spent 30 minutes running up and down the hill :)

Right next to the fountain, there is a really beautiful sculpture of children playing ring-around-the-rosy. There is a space open for a "real" child to come join in.

For my LDS friends that read my blog... can you see what ring was included on one of the sculptures?

Below the field is the amphitheater. I have actually never seen a performance there in all the years I've lived here.


  1. You're definitely right about the murderously hot days we are having!! Looks like y'all had fun!

  2. Love fun fountains!! We have a few around here, they are the kids' best friend :)

  3. what a beautiful park area...if i come see you...we'll go there. ;)


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