"Jaina Help?"

Mommy used to be the only one that could do it. And by "it", I mean the following: brush teeth, put shoes on, pour juice in the sippy cup, change diaper, give a bath, brush hair, hold a hand, buckle the car seatbelt, fix pancakes, turn on the dvd, you name it. If I even suggested that Daddy or Jaina might be able to help, it would throw Jayce into a fit of screaming, "NO!!! MOMMY DO IT!!!" I thought that phase would never end.

But slowly and surely, Jayce started allowing Daddy more and more privileges of caring for Jayce. And sometimes, just sometimes, he'll accept big sister Jaina as a substitute.

So, imagine my surprise when Jayce picked up his new red crocs and said, "Jaina help?"

Jaina was more than happy to oblige. She would love to treat Jayce as a real live baby doll if he'd let her :)


  1. What an awesome first! Oh, how precious.

  2. that is so sweet... jaina's so cool. <3

  3. Anonymous12:16 PM

    I love big sisters! :o) Isabel loves treating her brothers as dolls. The baby has no choice, but Joseph has his days when he'll actually let her do things for him.


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