Freight Train

Jayce received this Geotrax set for his 2nd Birthday, right before we moved last year. At first he loved it... especially when the train ran down the sloped track. He also loved controlling the train by the simple remote control.

We got the starter set for him in hopes that we would add on to it every year. Geotrax has some really cool trains and accessories.

Yet we haven't. 12 months later, Jayce still only enjoys watching the movement of the train. But he doesn't care about how the track is set up, or adding the cute trees and stop signs to the design, or making the logger men saw plastic logs, or adding sound effects to the train like "choo-choo" or pretending that the train is carrying freight or passengers.

One day he will. While most kids instinctively know how to play or learn by watching others, we might have to specifically teach Jayce how to play with toys. In the end, the result will be the same... the joy experienced while playing with his favorite train set.


  1. your faith can move mountains. All this talk isnt empty. You will see these words come to pass.

    "one day he will (play like the other kids)"

    I wish more parents had that saving kind of faith for their kids. Dont give up.

  2. love these pictures and Jayce is really lucky to have you for a mom.


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