Atlanta and a favor to ask

I had forgotten one thing about my kids going back to school:

They aren't around for me to take their pictures. Hmpfh.

And when they are home, they are busy with homework, 100 Book Challenge, piano practicing, and therapy. Hmpfh.

I guess its time to play catch up with all my summer photos that I haven't gotten around to posting.


So, a few weeks before school started, we took a trip down to Tucker, GA to see my parents. Unless you went to High School with me (or are one particular blog reader who lives in proximity), you probably don't know where Tucker is. That's okay. Its a small town. Its not really known for anything. I usually just say, "We're going to visit my parents in Atlanta. " Everyone knows where Atlanta is :)

My dad had just had foot/ankle surgery to repair his fallen arch and reconstruct his bones and cartilage. Eeek, that does not sound fun at all. Thankfully, my dad reported that the recovery from the surgery was much less painful than the actual pain from his fallen arch. Which then makes me wonder how much pain he was in before....

Anyway, my stepmom Kim wanted us to come down and keep dad company and his mind off of resting. Well, we tried to do that, but he pretty much insisted on not resting. Instead, he took us all to Movie Tavern for pancakes and a morning showing of "Despicable Me" in 3D. It was pretty cool :)

We also got to hang out with my middle brother Jeff. He's currently my kids favorite uncle. Not to be mean to Jeremy or Jason by any means. They just happen to live in Florida and we never see them.

And you know what? I was a slacker and didn't take any pictures. That is, until my kids got dressed up to attend the Brockett Ward of my parent's LDS church. Oh my... they look like angels, don't they??

It makes my heart happy to look at these pictures, especially the one of Jayce. Its just so rare to capture his essence in a photograph.

Speaking of that picture, will you guys do me a favor?? Please??

If you happen to be on Face Book (and who isn't, except for my friend Ana :P ), can you go to Gena Murphy Photography 's fan page and click "Like"? I know Gena personally (she is my main photographer I use for my kids) and I promise she won't spam you. She is just trying to get the word out about her photography business. Anyway, if you go to her photo album entitled, "August Photo Contest", there's a picture of Jayce 17 rows down on the left. Its the black and white version of the photo above. Once you click on the photo, just hit the famous "Like" button and all is well :)

Photo with the most "likes" will win a free photo session with Gena :) YAY!

Thank you and goodnight!


  1. like! like!

    i actually went to see if i could do it without being on fb... but nope. i tried :) can't believe they're in school already!

  2. Done. and. done!

    That's a great shot of Jayce. :)

  3. sounds like you had a wonderful time! gorgeous photos.

  4. The photos are absolutely stunning!

  5. Oh my gosh! They do look like angels! I love that picture of Jayce, needs to be blown up to poster size! Beautiful!


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