So long, dear Squeaky

You were small.

You were white.

Thank goodness you did not have red beady eyes.

You didn't make much noise.

You loved tiny mouse treats.

Our dog Alli loved to chase you in your exercise ball.

You made my daughter very happy.

You will be missed.

(except the part about cleaning your cage once a week)


  1. They're cute and I'm happy to admire them at someone else's house...

  2. Anonymous9:35 PM

    We had a hamster. It met an unfortunate ending. While painting, we left the vent cover off of the airconditioner vent. His cage door was left open. He entered the vent. In the middle of the night, it sounded like a helicopter was landing in our kitchen. Apparently the fan on the airconditioner looks like the world's largest hamster wheel.
    It wasn't pretty.
    RIP Squeaky

  3. Poor little fella... Cute pics, though! Connor had fun terrorizing him when he was in his exercise ball.

  4. I echo what Buckeroomama said!! You are a nice mom to have that furry creature in your house -- my kids have been begging for a hamster, guinea pig, mouse -- but I've told them the only furry animals I will allow are dogs! Why can't they just ask for a fish??

  5. Anonymous8:26 AM

    "thank goodness you did not have red beady eyes" lol

    rip sweet squeaky. what adorable photos.

  6. Aww, he was so cute. I loved all my animals great and small as a child. Still love animals today and I am sorry about his passing.

  7. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Sorry for your loss...hope everyone in your house is doing okay with it. Adorable pics.


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