Kindergarten Homework

Yes, my kindergartener has homework. But you won't see me complaining! Its not the endless repetitive practice sheet work that some teachers send home. Nope, its the "do an activity with your parents and bring back to school to show us" kind. I like that kind :)

Jayce brought home a sheet with a photocopied treasure box. On it, we wrote his name in the blank. Jayce 's Treasures. Then the directions were to cut out or draw pictures of your child's favorite items and put them on the paper inside the drawn box.

I wish I had had the foresight to take a picture of our finished project! But alas, I only have the pictures we took on Saturday. We picked up our prints in collage form on Sunday morning. Jayce worked hard cutting them out and pasting them with a glue stick on his page. That boy loves some glue stick!!

Here are Jayce's favorite items as of August, 2010.

His favorite vehicle:

His favorite pair of shoes:

His favorite subject to talk about (pool feet):

His favorite blankie:

His favorite stuffed animal from Build-a-Bear (Hobo):

His favorite little stuffed dog (Sheepy):

His favorite sister (well, his ONLY sister! hee hee!):

His favorite drink:

His favorite activity:

His favorite pet (Alli, our old dog.)

His favorite toy to play with:

His favorite time waster of all:

And that is my son in a nutshell!!


  1. I just want to steal your dog!!! What great pictures!! My girls have an "only" brother so he is the favorite around here as well! lol!

  2. what a fun project! my son started kinder this year, too. i hope we get to create something like this together. it looks like a lot of fun!

  3. What a cute post! Love the blankie.

  4. Probably my favorite post all summer. I just love the unique glimpse into Jayce's brain. You know my kids don't have favorite things. I wonder why.

  5. I love this! It would be a great tradition to start at the beginning of each school year :) So fun.

  6. LOL about talking about pool feet. How precious is he?!

  7. I love these types of homework! It's a great way to for the school to get the parents involved. :)

  8. LOVE this post!! Kindergarted homework is so cute, isn't it?! My kindergartener doesn't have this type of homework, but I love snuggling with her at the end of her school day going over her letters and drawing her numbers :) It's so sweet, and so much easier than my 3rd grader's homework!!

  9. That sounds like it was fun homework. :)
    I bet the teacher was impressed with your cool photos. :)

  10. I loved this post. What a great kid. I feel like I know him now. It seems so fun to be 9 : )

  11. this is such a cute capture of this moment in his life.

  12. What a fun "homework" assignment :)

  13. I love it! So cool! We have Hobo, except, he's named Brown Sugar Bear. Because that's what he was called at Build a Bear, and Sam wasn't feeling like going off the rails when he named it! lol
    Great pictures, Batman and Robin are my favorites too!


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