There's a church down the road that we just love. Now, granted, we aren't members there nor do we attend church there on Sunday. But it still feels like "our" church. Our kids play soccer there. We go "trunk or treating" there at Halloween. We attend their Fall Festival. And our kids look forward to their Vacation Bible School each and every summer.

On the last night of VBS, the leaders put on a carnival for the kids.

There was a cake walk.

Jaina's number was called first. She was so excited!

Jayce started getting upset that his number wasn't called next. But soon it was!

(I know he doesn't look happy in that pic above, but he really was. He was just worried about getting frosting on his fingers by picking it up out of the container)

There sno cones and cotton candy. And friends, which were even sweeter!

Jayce loved the duck tank best!

Jaina won a ton of prizes from the "fishing" booth.

Back for more sno cones and cotton candy!

Caroline won some snakes :) She was proudly showing them off to me. Usually she just hides when I point my camera on her, so this was a vast improvement!

The highlight was the big bouncy water slide. What more could a kid want?

We had such a great night, we stayed for hours! Boy were we tired when it was all said and done :)


  1. Oh, how wonderful that they've put this together for the kids and their families!

  2. This looks like a great way to spend a summer evening! Love a cake walk!

  3. Sounds like my church :). I love our church. We just finished VBS and are looking forward to the fall festival/trunk-or-treating. What a blessing for you to live down the street from a kid-loving church.

  4. Looks like fun family time! My husband and I met in good ol' Sparkle City! We both went to Wofford. Enjoy reading your blog!

    Only God knows how many apples are in each seed.

  5. Fun! I love that picture of your little boy throwing a ball at the dunk tank with the ball having just left his hands! (And I still love that shirt!!)

  6. Wow! When you see Tracy next, tell her how beautiful little Caroline is! So sweet.


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