New addition?

Nope, not pregnant. Well, at least, I don't think I am. I very well *could* be, but its way too soon to test. That's why the call it the "Two Week Wait". You just have to wait. Hmpfh. I hate waiting. And I'm typically a patient person!

A member of our household continually tests my patience. That's our dog Alli.

There are a lot of words to describe Alli...

-A princess

Um... those aren't good qualities to have. Honestly, she's much more trouble than she is reward. Partly I blame her breed. Wired-hair fox terriers as a whole are typically not people or dog dogs. And they tend to not like kids. Partly I blame Brian who never thought to train her to not jump on people or sleep on beds and couches. And partly I blame Alli. That's just who she is.

She's been with us for 10-11 years (I'd have to ask Brian what the exact date was that he got her). The important part is that she came before me and has never ever forgiven me for taking her man.

I love most dogs I meet.

I don't like Alli.

I make absolutely no secret of this, either. But I do realize you can't get rid of a member of your family just because you don't like them sometimes (or else my kids would be kicked out of here several times a year!), so I try to make peace with Alli. I'm the one that takes her to the vet and the groomer. I give her weekly baths and bring her inside when it rains. I help Jaina keep food in her bowl and her water clean.

And for all I do for that dog, what do I get? Never a lick, never a snuggle. Instead, I get growled at when I sit on the couch because the Princess didn't want to be disturbed by jostling couch cushions. Well, excuse me!

Because Alli does not get along well with other dogs (and believe me, we know this for a fact!), we've never explored the option of getting another dog.

Jaina, on the other hand, has had her heart set on adding to our canine family for years now. She goes online to our local Humane Society to fall in love with the photos of homeless dogs.

We're very familiar with our local HS. We found two stray dogs just last year that we had to bring to the shelter. One had an owner already, the other didn't. Jaina cried her heart out when we didn't let her keep that dog. But we could tell it wouldn't be a good fit for our family.

Then, last night, our family was walking back home from being at a neighbor's house for dinner. And here comes this little guy....

Isn't he cute? We call him Sparky. And by "we" I mean, the kids and I. Brian thinks his name should be Scruffy. So we call him Sparky :)

We let him sleep in the garage last night. We gave him food and water and looked at his hurt leg.

This morning we introduced him to Alli in the backyard.'

And to our surprise, they GOT ALONG!!

Is Sparky a keeper? Well, we'll have to see. First things first: let's see if we can find his owner.


  1. Our dog doesn't get along well with other dogs either. I won't take him to the vet myself because I'm afraid I won't be able to control him with all the other dogs. But hubby said he'd be ok with a puppy, it was adult dogs he didn't like. And so far he has been, unless she goes near his bone while he is chomping on it. Then he growls really mean at her. But they have finally started to play a lot and I think he enjoys her company.

  2. Aw, he is too cute!!!! I hope he has a home with you..and trust me, some dogs are definitely hard to like! :)

  3. Pregnant?? How exciting!
    We also have a dog that I got before we had kids. My kids are begging for another dog because they want a puppy. Not so sure!!

  4. What a cutie! He looks like a Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix.

  5. So cute!!! Makes me want to get another dog!!! Best wishes with your outcome!!

  6. such a cutie. (i'm not good at waiting about that thing either. i'm a patient person otherwise, too!)

  7. Congrats on the "new addition". Can't wait to hear about another new addition! :) Wiating is hard...but its so exciting too!

  8. You poor thing! I can completely relate to your puppy pain! We added a mini golden doodle to our family apx. 10 months ago and I thought I was going to lose my mind! I hope Sparky is a keeper and I hope you get PG soon!

  9. Cute post...and "Sparky" is a perfect name. We currently have 6 dogs and 2 of them had puppies. We have way too many dogs right now...all of my husband's doing. I am practicing patience too. :)


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