MOMS Club: End of Year Bash

Our family has been a member of our local MOMS Club chapter since 2002, if you can believe it. I, for one, cannot believe Jaina is that old! I joined the club when she was just 6 months old. It was so nice having a group of friends to hang out with during the normal work day. MOMS stands for Moms Offering Moms Support and its primarily for Stay-at-home moms who have a harder time meeting their "coworkers" per se :)

MOMS Club is much more than just a playgroup. We are part of an International organization with structure, paid memberships, an executive board, and rules. We host service projects, Mom's Night Outs, and educational activities. But besides all that, we just have a lot of fun :)

Some of my best friends have been made through MOMS Club. And although those friends are no longer in the club (because their kids are older now), I can't seem to leave it myself. I enjoy meeting all the new members that join when their babies are little. So, even though in 6 days my kids will be at school all day long, I renewed my membership again for another year. I even volunteered to take over the position of "Potlucks and Playgroups". I know, I'm crazy :)

Our club follows the fiscal year instead of the traditional calendar year or the school year. So our new board members are elected in May or June and take office the first of July. We pick this time to have our annual "End of year Bash" either at a park or at a member's home.

We offered to host this year :) And boy was it a lot of fun!! There was so much delicious food! The kids had a blast! And it was really neat getting to meet some of the dads that you only hear about briefly during the week.

Thanks, ladies, for such a great time! We'll do it again next year!!


  1. I have heard so many amazing things about MOMS club! It makes me jealous that our area doesn't have one. They have a MOPS group, but it isn't much more than the monthly meetings that you aren't supposed to bring your kids to :( Maybe someday we'll get a MOMS club!

  2. That is so great you have a MOMS Club in your area. Here, there are only informal groups and people come and go a lot...


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