My Babies

Aren't really "babies" anymore :)

They had to go and grow up on me.

Show me your lunch box, Jayce!

Miss Jaina, the rock star!

Her friend Macie has great taste in skirts, too!

Jayce sat down on the rug right away. He barely said "bye mom" to me!

Jaina waited against the wall with her friend Eva before school started :)

All in all, they had great days. Jaina is so in love with her class, her friends, and her teacher. I have a feeling she is going to have a GREAT year!

Jayce did pretty well, too. I think he was a little overwhelmed and had a few first day issues, but nothing major. He was EXTREMELY tired when I picked him up. We'll see how tomorrow goes :)


  1. nice pics and the girls totally rocked those skirts. :)

    happy school days to both kids (not kids anymore?) :p

  2. How cute!! School doesn't start for us until Sept. 8!!!! Amazing how fast they grow! We still call them our babies too!

  3. The first and last days of school always make me feel the passage of time, of how fast the kids are growing...

    No matter how old and how big they get, they'll forever be our babies. =)

    Glad to know that the first day of school went well.

  4. Loving the tulle skirts!


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