National "Dress up like a cow" day

Enough said.

It was quite fun :) And don't my kids make the most adorable cows?

Allie and I also dressed up, too. I forgot to ask her to take a picture, though!

Sorry about Jayce's expression. That's what you get when you ask him to "Smile!" for you or to say "cheese!". Not pretty! But pretty funny, no less.

Jayce has been involved with ABA therapists from Hope Reach for 6 months now and I just *finally* found out the rules on posting pictures and talking about them. The therapists themselves cannot take pictures of Jayce without my permission nor post them to any social networking site without clearance and they may not talk about any of their clients by name.

I thought the same applied to parents. So I did not take a single picture of Jayce with  his Spring team... Miss Cat, Miss Sam, and Miss Melody. Actually, I think I do have one single picture of Miss Melody pushing him on a swing. I'll have to go look for it :)

I was careful never to mention any of them by name, instead calling them our AM therapist or our PM therapist. We are a new family to this program and I didn't want to jeopardize anything by breaking rules.

Come to find out, parents don't have the same privacy limitations at all. Thank goodness! Do you know how hard it is not to take pictures of certain people when they are in your home for 25 hours a week and go on outings with you? These therapists become like your family. Not only do they fall in love with Jayce (who wouldn't?) but they form relationships with both me and Jaina as well.

We have been so thankful to have Miss Allie, Miss Cindy, and Miss Meg on our Summer team. I'll be taking many more pictures of them this next week (their last) to blog about later. We don't know who will be on our Fall Team, except for Meg, so we'll just have to see!


  1. Fun!
    SPeaking of all the privacy rules... sometimes its just so hard :) i did ask two of my kiddos parents this summer if i could take pictures with their wonderful children and put them on my blog or fb to which they were like "Yes!! of course and we want one of you!!" I still felt hesitant to use their names, so I just said my preschooler or kiddo or something....but i totally get the 'getting attached" to these people thing - and we therapists get kinda attached to :)

  2. That is perhaps the silliest yet cutest thing I have seen all summer. lol ♥

  3. What a fun thing. I love your costumes. So simple yet so adorable!

  4. Moo! That's so funny and so cute!

  5. we love Chick-Fil-A, but I never seen to hear about these days until it's too late and we're there, ordering our food.

  6. Why was everybody dressed as cows? Regardless, it looks like you all had tons of fun. :)

  7. How fun!!! Hippa makes everything tough when it comes to client's rights and photos! I am sure they do feel part of you family! When I worked in the helping profession it was hard not to get attached!!


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