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Blogger is constantly changing things about the way blogspot is run. I'm actually okay with this. I like the majority of the improvements. I also don't react poorly to change (like some people in my family) most of the time.

The newest change has to do with comment moderation. Blogger now claims to have a spam filter for comments that are obviously spammy.

Boy, this is gonna be nice if actually works!

I love to comment on blogs and LOVE reading comments others leave me. And I want to make it easy for all of my readers to do this. I don't care if you blog at Blogger or Wordpress or if you even have a blog. I don't care if you have an Open ID or a google account. If you read my blog and want to say something, I want you to be able to comment.

So... I'm taking a big leap of faith and allowing ALL comments to be submitted for moderation, even anonymous ones. If this results in 15 spam comments a day, though, I'm going to have to curtail it again.

When I make comments, I don't really mind word verification. But after reading a huge thread on a Blog Frog community about how many bloggers hate typing in word verification, I've decided never to use it on my site.

There ya go! Hopefully everyone that wants to can comment now :) If you have any trouble, you can email me at to let me know!


  1. this is good news jess ... from blogger i mean. wp for me has been really good at blocking spam, but i could see how annoying this would be otherwise! and i don't like entering codes either, but i would for you ;)

    it's nice to give readers the flexibility to respond easily! pesky spammers have to ruin the fun. hope you're not plagued with too many now.

  2. It is a big step to quit moderating. I have mine set up to moderate comments on posts more than 7 days old, as those are the ones I usually get spam on. Good luck being spamless, lol

  3. I had no idea it was such a problem. I guess because I do private, I don't have to deal with it. But I do love reading your blog and making comments.

  4. good for you :) I don't get very many spam comments even without the word verification. I think the idea of the spam comments folder is cool and I LOVE love love that you can see all the previous comments on one page now - so cool!! :)


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