Summer Recap

Well, here it is.

The very last day of summer vacation. School starts tomorrow at 7:30 AM.

And when their new teachers ask them if they had a great summer? And they ask, "Tell me what you did?!"

I'd better hear the following:

"I had so much fun! We were so busy this summer!"

Activities pictured:

-swimming in pools
-beach at Pawley's Island
-Music on Main
-Greenville Zoo
-Slip n' Slide
-Gem mining at Chimney Rock
-Vacation Bible School
-Shipwreck Cove Water Park
-Chuck E. Cheese's

Activities not pictured:

-Monkey Joe's
-Summer Movie Festival
-lots of chick-fil-a
-mini golf
-visit to Tennessee
-visit to Atlanta
-Carowinds Amusement Park

If my kids dare to say that they were bored this summer, I might have to string them up by their toenails.

(just kidding)


  1. Ha! Don't you just love it when your kids get asked what they did and they say 'nothing'?? Cute pictures! Hope their first week of school goes smoothly -- I don't know who was more exhausted at the end of our first week -- me or them!!

  2. Your kids had an awesome summer! No doubt about that :)

  3. Our summer is just winding down...4 more days to go before J starts school (yeah, on a Friday!). We're trying to cram some more activities these few dayys. =)

    You guys sure did lots of fun things this summer!

  4. We have 2 more weeks of summer to go. I hope your transition back to school is a success!

  5. I'm with you! We've had such a busy and really great summer that the boys better not say they did nothing this summer!
    Your family looks as busy as mine! Are we by any chance long lost sisters?


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