School Report

I am happy to report that the kids are both doing so well with their first two days of classes :) If you are a mom, I am sure I don't have to tell you how much my heart swells with happiness to hear my children excited to learn. They love their teachers, they love learning, they love their friends.

Jayce was a bit antsy on his first day, frequently wandering around the room during small group work or rug time. That's totally to be expected until he learns the new routine. He already improved with that today.

Jaina is in an all female classroom this year and couldn't be happier. And her teacher doesn't believe in giving homework. She said that sometimes there would be a math sheet that needed to be finished for extra practice, but for the most part, they do their work during school hours. I think I was more excited to hear this than Jaina! :)

We're back in the swing of things with our new semester of ABA. We still have our same lead, Meg, and our same line therapist, Allie. Because Jayce is only receiving 8.5 hours of therapy a week, we only have one line. We will keep in touch with Miss Cindy and have playdates with her boys now!

As for me, I'm in the dreaded 2ww. I'm only on day 16 of my cycle (but its almost tomorrow and then I'll be on day 17!) I need to wait until day 24 to test. Its gonna be hard! I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I totally can't help it :)

So, that's us in a nutshell! I have so many backlogged posts to write from summer. I will get them done eventually :)

And because my blog posts without pictures are boring, here's one:

(its not my cat. I'm terribly allergic!)


  1. So glad that the kiddos are enjoying their first days of school! And best wishes for the next couple of weeks :)

  2. GREAT to hear J&J are doing well in school. :D

  3. Glad school is going well! I love no homework! The entire third grade didn't do any when Adam was in 3rd and I loved it! They're there for seven hours for heavens sake, who wants to spend the little awake time that they have at home doing homework?
    Are y'all trying to have a baby? Yay you! if you are! I'll cross my fingers for a second line on a pregnancy test! :)


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