Hello :)

Some of my friends have emailed me or found me on Facebook to tell me that my blog comments have not been working. Hmm... what am I doing wrong? If one of my readers is blogspot tech savy, can you trouble shoot for me?

Here are my settings:

Comments: Show
Who can comment: Anyone (includes anonymous users)
Comment form: Embedded below post
Default: New Posts have Comments
Back Links: Show
Comment moderation: never
Word verification: no

So, I'm saying anyone can post, you don't have to have a google account or an open ID. No comment moderation, no word  verification. Yet very few people have been able to leave comments. Weird! I should be getting tons of spam as well, and not a single one has happened.

Hey, if you read my blog and can't leave a comment in this post, can you please email me at thethreejays@gmail.com and let me know?? Thanks so much!! Hopefully I can get this fixed ASAP!


  1. testing under google acct.

  2. really, this was just an excuse to get more comments right? hehe

  3. Every time I have to enter my password to comment on Blogspot it errors and makes me do it again. This at least is much easier. :p This particular time I clicked on Post Comment and it gave me a preview. So what happens when I click Preview? lol

  4. testing..check 1-2-3!

  5. Thank you, everyone, for your input! Some people are STILL getting error messages. I'll put in a help ticket to blogger.

  6. Monica9:09 AM

    Today, I can post again. Crazy computers.

  7. I will try right now and see what happens!
    : )
    You know what you can do that is super great for spam? Go into the comments and say moderate anything that comes in on 14 day old posts. That always picks up spammers for me since they don't really post on new things : ) Only old things!

  8. jess, how do you like wordpress' akismet (anti spam) on your other blog? i love it. no issues yet (fingers crossed)....

  9. The last comment I left on your blog said it was waiting for comment moderation, but I checked again tonight and it was posted :)

  10. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Hey - I'm trying to post. Is it working?

  11. I have been having problems commenting on your blog (as well as a couple of others) for a while now. I discovered the problem was NOT with your blog, but with the Firefox browser I use. I can post if I do it from Internet Explorer.

    NOTE: I only have problems on those blogs that have the drop down box below the comment box. The line says "Comment as" and then you select what type of profile you want to use. I can't ever get past that first page when I'm doing it from Firefox.


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